Full Name
Nader AKIL
EU Business Operations Manager
Organisation long
PNO Innovation
Experienced Senior Innovation Consultant and Operations Manager of the PNO Innovation office in Belgium. Nader has a demonstrated history in building strategic and large collaborative projects in several fields, and developing strategic research and innovation agendas for sectorial organisations, as well as innovation ecosystems and large networks in raw materials, chemical and environmental technologies. Nader has over 20 years of experience in R&D, competitive intelligence and innovation projects development and management. Nader has held several senior positions in industry and large R&D centres in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and USA. Nader has a Phd in opto-electronics, more than 50 scientific publications, 13patents, and has been the main driver for the development of several EU projects to recover critical raw materials such as REEs, PGMs, Cobalt, Lithium refractory metals, graphite and other valuable metals from European resources. Currently Nader is involved in several EU projects as an exploitation manager, or a partner conducting activities such as stakeholders, market and business analysis, and exploitation actions for bringing the results closer to the market. Additionally Nader has been coaching consortia in the last few years in the framework of the Horizon Results Booster initiative of the EC to support the development of business plans.
Nader AKIL